Chapeau! Felix

Chapeau! Felix

Book Title: Chapeau! Felix

Author: Gilles Vigneault

Format: Hardback | 44 pages

Publication Date: 01 Apr 2014

ISBN-13: 9782923163260

This vibrant, engaging assortment offers children an entertaining introduction to the French language. From stories of friendship, family, discovery, and self-esteem to silly, snappy songs of one-of-a-kind barnyard animals, lullabies, and segments of classical music, children tune in to a variety of musical styles and multicultural experiences. The accompanying CDs provide children an opportunity to hear the pronunciation of the words and sing along as they learn the language.

The songs of an iconic French-Canadian singer reimagined through illustrations and musical performance

Inspired by a short animated film produced in 1989 by the National Film Board of Canada, which featured legendary poet and songwriter Felix Leclerc performing a moving interpretation of the traditional French children's song "Cadet Rousselle," this work is admirably brought to life by one of Canada's distinguished painters, Jean Dallaire. The featured album includes 10 touching renditions of several well-known Leclerc songs performed by young female vocalists, including DobaCaracol, Catherine Durand, Jorane, and Mara Tremblay.