French Slang : Do You Speak the Real French?: The Essentials of French Slang

French Slang : Do You Speak the Real French?: The Essentials of French Slang

Book Title: French Slang : Do You Speak the Real French?: The Essentials of French Slang

Author: Adrien Clautrier

Format: Paperback | 72 pages

Publication Date: 16 Feb 2015

ISBN-13: 9781508599654

All the essential French Slang you need to speak like a native
Let's face it, real-world French doesn't sound like it just came out of a stuffy formal textbook. This book will help you sound like an actual human being from the 21st century. Now you can learn and understand everyday French conversations - the kind you can hear spoken by native speakers on the street, in movies and TV, and, more importantly, in real life! Straightforward, no fluff and fillers French Slang gets straight to the point, offering you 12 sections of more than 600 words and phrases. No unnecessary fluff included, just straightforward, practical vocabulary that allows you to navigate the most likely scenarios you'll encounter. It may be concise, but it's still comprehensive: Similar books in the market only have 400 - 500 words and expressions, yet generally cost a great deal more. A fun way to expand your vocabulary Learn new expressions and vocabulary that range from wholesome to slightly provocative - and enjoy a few laughs every now and then. Your newfound natural-sounding conversational skills and authentic French are guaranteed to impress your French speaking friends. Never misuse slang ever again The e-book contains annotations beside some words or phrases. You'll notice a (P) or (O) which will let you know if the term or expression is (P) popular and widely-used or (O) can be considered offensive by some. This will eliminate the risk of offending anybody or committing a social faux pas. (P) is your green light to go ahead and use the term/ expression right away.
(O) is a warning to use it sparingly and with caution! Some examples: Ça va? (P) - How are things? How are you doing?
Comme ci, comme ça (P) - So-so
Chiant (P) (O) - Boring In the case of "Chiant" (P) (O) it means this is a popular word but also not really appropriate to use. Special bonus It includes a FREE pronunciation guide with MP3! New! Free audio available now. Technical Details:
600+ slang words and expressions Pronunciation guide with Mp3 Now with audio
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