Route Nationale: Assessment Pack Stage 3

Route Nationale: Assessment Pack Stage 3

Book Title: Route Nationale: Assessment Pack Stage 3

Author: Louie Stowell

Format: Mixed media product | 1 pages

Publication Date: 01 Jun 1994

ISBN-13: 9780174395195

"Route Nationale" is a differentiated and integrated approach to teaching and learning French for National Curriculum Key Stages 3 and 4 and the Standard Grade examinations. It provides authentic materials and a wide choice of valid activities whilst understanding the students' needs for a sense of enjoyment and motivation. Students are encouraged to take an active part in their learning and to develop their ability to work collaboratively, as well as independently. The teacher is supported with detailed notes, a wealth of ideas, solutions to activities, guidance on maximizing the use of the target language and a comprehensive range of integrated material.
Key factors which make the series different: provides a stimulating language-learning experience for students of all ability levels; develops students' ability to use French effectively for the purpose of practical communication, both within and outside the classroom; develops knowledge, understanding and a positive attitude towards speakers of French throughout the world; establishes an awareness of the language-learning process and thereby facilitates the learning of other languages; promotes a range of learning styles from collaborative work with peers to independent learning; raises awareness of gender issues; contributes to the general education of learners; and makes a useful contribution to other areas of the curriculum, especially IT, the humanities, health education, personal and social education. Stage 3 of "Route Nationale" provides a progression from stages 1 and 2 whilst taking account of students' changing interests and increasing maturity. Material dealing with such topics as relationships, the environment and part-time jobs should enhance students' motivation, as well as contribute to their general development and support cross-curricular learning.
This assessement support pack provides everything teachers and students need to meet the new national criteria. Each pack includes detailed guidance on both formative and summative assessment, as well as a wealth of material for summative assessment. Closely linked to the core activities of "Route Nationale", one summative test is provided for each chapter of the students' book, plus a single cumulative test per book. This pack comprises a set of copymasters, a set of teacher's notes (also available separately) and a duplicating master audio cassette.
It meets the requirements of the new national criteria in the following ways: assessment in all four Attainment Targets for all chapters; comprehensive coverage of the programmes of study, including the seven areas of experience; careful graded assessment, to match the National Curriculum Levels of Attainment; single-skill tests in mixed-skill contexts; maximum use of the target language; easy to set up, as well as quick and straightforward to carry out; models of speaking tests are provided on the cassette which may be copied for students to prepare at home; record-keeping is facilitated by the student; record sheets and annual summary sheets included in the pack. Stage 3 of the course continues to provide core material for all students, plus a wealth of extension material at three levels of difficulty.